February Friendships (Forever Together)


February’s Bible Verse: Proverbs 17:17

17 A friend loveth at all times,and a brother is born for

adversity.   Kjv

February’s Poem: The Gift Of Friendship

There Is A Gift Of Friendship

That God Has Given To Me

He Put You Here To Help Me

With The Things I Cannot See

A Friend Is Someone Special

Who’s Always There For You

In Good Times And In Bad

A Friend Will See You Through

God’s The One Who Gives Friends

            This Is A Special Gift

Our Friends Are Always There

When We Need That Extra Lift

There Are Certain Things

That Only True Friends Can Share

And Also When I Need You

I Know You’ll Be There

You Know You’ve Got A Friend

For You Have A Friend in Me

I’ll Always Be There To Help You

With The Things You Cannot See

            –Melinda Tanner

February’s Quote

“Friendship is always a

Sweet responsibility,never an


Khalil Gibran

February is here and is the second month of this year. In this blog post we will be taking a look at the observances and celebrations for this month. This,month is filled with many celebrations and observances of love and friendship. So,our theme for this month reflects on these wonderful and beautiful actions and relationships. Our,monthly theme for this month will be know as, February Friendships(Forever Together). Therefore, all blog posts this month will follow this theme.

February if you were born this month…HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You can click here to see who else shares a birthday with you this month. Your birthstone is Amethyst and your flower is Violet.

Monthly Observances:

*American Heart Month

*Black History Month

*National Canned Food Month

*Great American Pie Month

*National Bake for Family Fun Month

*National Children’s Dental Health Month

*National Heart Month

*National Library Lovers Month

*National Snack Food Month

*National Chocolate Lovers Month

*National Weddings Month

Daily Observances:

National Freedom (Freedom from Slavery)  -1

National Groundhog Day -2

National Day the Music Died Day  -3

National Thank a Mail Carrier Day  -4

National Homemade Soup Day  -4

National Weatherperson’s Day   -5

National Wear Red Day (First Friday in February)   -5

National Frozen Yogurt Day  -6

National Send A Card To Friend Day  -7

National Boy Scouts Day  -8

National Kite Flying Day  -8

National Pizza Day  -9

Ash Wednesday (First Day of Lent)  -10

National Cream Cheese Brownie Day  -10

National Make A Friend Day  -11

National Inventor’s Day  -11

National Plum Pudding Day  -12

National Tortellini Day  -13

National Organ Donor Day  -14

National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day  -14

Valentine’s (Saint Valentine’s)Day  -14

President’s Day (Third Monday in February)  -15

National Almond Day  -16

National Do A Grouch A Favor Day  -16

National Random Acts of Kindness Day  -17

National Battery Day  -18

National Caregivers Day (Third Friday in February)  -19

National Love Your Pet Day  -20

National Sticky Bun Day  21

National Cook a Sweet Potato Day 22

National Banana Bread Day  -23

National Spay Day(Last Tuesday in February)  -23

National Tortilla Chip Day  -24

National Chocolate Covered Nut Day  -25

National Chilli(Fourth Thursday in February)   -25

National Tell a Fairytale Day  -26

National Strawberry Day  -27

National Polar Bear Day  -27

National Floral Design Day  -28

National Leap Day  -29

More information about this months events can be found on our Events Page.

Website & Pages Update: We have update our Potluck (Recipes) page.

New Recipe(s) for this Month: Chocolate Griddle Cakes: This recipe can be found on our  Potluck (Recipe) Page here.

Other places you can find us:



or email us at:  mothersbeeofgoodchristianfaith@gmail.com

❤ Have a Month Filled With Friendship! ❤

We hope you enjoy this post…until the next one.

Gods many blessings,












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